Meet Team Diana...

Diana Glass and Diana Jules have joined together to form "Team Diana" in Three  Rivers.  This dynamic duo share an unbridled love for Three Rivers and are looking forward to combining their strengths to provide twice the customer service and twice the dedication to the community.

About thirteen years ago we camped in the high country in Sequoia National Park.  It was so cold when we woke we quickly broke our tent down and sped down the mountain and stopped in this little town of Three Rivers for a cup of coffee.  "What a quaint little town", we thought, " with a river running through it, and a snow capped mountain in the distance." 

Well when it came time to sell the house down south and downsize and build again, we searched all over, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and California for rivers and mountains.  Although there are many beautiful places in the world we kept coming back to Three Rivers.

Why?  Well first of all we are only three and a half hours from Los Angeles and four to San  Francisco.  We can have breakfast in Three Rivers and lunch in the city.  It's only twenty five hundred population, village life.  We can leave without locking our doors again.  We have our own local winery, a small seldom used golf course, a nationally recognized jazz festival, a team roping event that brings championship horse people from all over the country; and  an art festival.  Last year we visited twenty two homes of artist's, everything from surprisingly skilled high art to people making strange things with gourds. 

Then there is the park.  The magnificent Sequoia's take your breath away; miles and miles of hiking  trails, crystal caves, and swimming holes only God could've created.

When Diana Glass mentioned that she would like a business partner, the timing could not have been better. Diana Jules had devoted 15 years of her life to home schooling her two daughters and she jumped at the opportunity. Diana Jules background is in real estate and before a full time teaching adventure, she sold  in Three Rivers.

Also, the Jules family has owned and operated a successful Construction Company for the last 25 years. So, the transition seems very natural.  

Together Team Diana is looking forward to helping people make their dreams come true in Three Rivers.   

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