Three Rivers Concert under the Oaks


Concert Under the Oaks

         Sept. 16, 2000

    19th Annual Concert

Another wonderful weekend in Three Rivers, a wedding, a funeral and a concert.  I don't know much about the wedding.  We drove past the Nature's Dome restaurant and saw milling people dressed in their wedding best talking animatedly, obviously waiting for the festivities to begin .
We were on our way to Harry Ison's  house on the south fork.  Harry's a retired M.D. with a passion for the piano.  He's been hosting the 'Concert on the Grass'  on his front lawn since 1982.  Now we had read and heard a lot about the 'concerts' but this year it was even more entertaining with a bittersweet twist.  Harry's next door neighbor, Curt Siodmak, a charter member of the Writers Guild, died last week.  Curt was 98.  He wrote 70 screenplays between 1928 and 1970, the most famous of which was The Wolfman and Donovan's Brain.  The parking area was full of cars attending the funeral on one side and the concert on the other.
Harry, who has been playing since age 5 started the program off with a bit of Mozart and concluded with a touching rendition of 'Send in the Clowns. (picture) Then 16 year old Eric Brelsford played Brahms and Schuman with confidence and muscularity.  Then just as Harry was thanking Eric, we were all surprised to see Henrietta Siodmak, Curts wife of 75 years, being wheeled to a seat in the back.  She glowed with a beatific smile and waved Harry off from any more attention and  the show continued with Bryan Verhoye.
Bryan, also started taking piano lessons at age 5 and soloed with the San Diego Symphony at a 13.  He offered Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Liszt with delicacy and feeling.  Bryan's music was even more compelling because it was accompanied by a sunset that shaded the surrounding Sierra's a rare pink/lavender tint that faded to a sepia tone and finally darkness with pinpoints of stars millions of miles away.
We ran across many new  Three Rivers friends, Bill and Ann, who spent ten years sailing the Pacific; Kirk a landscape artist who will be installing our sprinkler system; and Mary Grady, a Hollywood talent agent, who handled Tyler, our grandson for some years. (Six Degrees of Separation)
It's a delight to blend in to a new community.  One would never guess so many interesting and talented people live in this little town at the end of the road.
We'll leave you with a quote from Emerson..."may you saunter to your daily task with a wide halo of ease and contentment".
Life is Good!

Ron Landry

Where in the world would you ever find a place like this?

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